Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ezra Pictures

I finally remembered to bring my camera up to the hospital today. I know many of you have requested pictures so that you can visually see how he is doing.

Ezra finally agreed to wearing a mask, which has greatly improved our hospital stay. If he wears a mask he can venture out of his room, and even out of the hospital on rides.


He still has all of that beautiful hair, guess he is holding out. Dr.s told me they typically start losing their hair around 7-10 days into chemo, he is on day 22.


Here is Rowan pushing his little brother around the hospital. Ezra calls his rides “Weeeeee!”. He will ask to go weeeee and put a mask up to his face…it will break your heart, he is so sweet.


For part of Ezra’s chemotherapy he has to take steroids for 28 days. The steroids make people bloat up, so he is sporting a moon face and a Buddha belly for the time being. They also make him an irritable, fussy, ravenous beast.  He screams “IZZA!!!” at us at all hours of the day. Pizza is his food of choice right now. He has taken to screaming IZZA at the staff as well, as if they can magically make a pizza appear.

Ezra has been such a great boy through all of this, he takes it for what it is.  Since getting his port removed he has even been playing a little, which is so good to see.

We hope to be leaving the hospital next week , probably not till the weekend though…possibly later. Honestly, I don’t mind having him here, at least I know he is safe.


  1. He is still absolutely gorgeous. What a lucky little guy to have a mom like you.

  2. Your baby is so precious! Hang in there! I as well as my family are praying for you! :0)

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  3. Those are such sweet photos - you have two gorgeous sons! I admire your strength and courage. You are a wonderful mother.

    I hope Ezra will be well enough to leave the hospital soon.

  4. aww he is so precious. I love the pizza shot. I am glad he is doing better.

  5. Beth. These are great pictures. Thanks for posting them. I also like the fact you can maintain a sense of humor about things with all that is going on. Love. Dad

  6. I was on steroids for a back injury and I can attest to how HUNGRY they make you. I'd eat an entire meal and then eat crackers and be ready for more. I was hungry all the time. Poor lil one. I hope he gets lots of IZZA to eat. and some other healthy stuff of course. Moon face and buddha belly will only add to the cuteness.

    PS I've never seen anyone look SO cute in a surgical mask.

  7. Love that precious face!11 What a brave boy he has been. He and I would get along is my #1 food.
    :) more prayers and hugs for you all.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures along with Ezra's story.

  8. Love the pictures , I just found the new site and it looks aawesome love the colors! Praying for you and your family !

  9. He is beautiful! Praying for him daily ! God bless you all!

  10. Thank you for sharing Izra with us. I know your excited to bring him home but I do relate to the safety that you feel being in the hospital. Pizza is my favorite food too! I will continue to pray for your precious little boy.

  11. Thank you for sharing the photos. I continue to pray day by day and constantly for him and your whole family. He is so precious

  12. He is so very precious!!!! We are praying for you Ezra :)

  13. Oh dear, that pic with him wearing that little mickey mouse mask broke my heart-poor little sweetheart...geez, I'm sobbing again. I may not be able to completely understand what you are going through-but-boy do I feel strong empathy and compassion...there is NOTHING worse than watching your sweet child go through such a thing. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to Ezra, you and your family!