Sunday, June 14, 2009

Port infection

On Friday Ezra had his port, that was just put in place removed. The area around his port continued to look red after many rounds of antibiotics. They are usually able to flush enough antibiotics into a port to knock out the infection…not the case with Ezra.

So they removed it, and the results from the labs on it came back today. The infection that was living in the port was also the pseudomonas (the same infection that was in his blood). That is kind of good news, because it means it wasn’t an additional infection, and chances are when he gets a new port put in he won’t have the same problem. His Dr. said he should not get this infection again…not sure how he knows that?

Here is a picture of what a port looks like.

portThey do a surgery to implant it under the skin and hook it up to vein, just like this.

Port A CathSince Ezra had to have his removed he is using a PICC until he is cleared safe to get another port implanted. Here is what a PICC looks like.

piccDid I mention they don’t put your child under for a PICC placement? Looks like a lot of fun to me!

And that wraps up your public health message! 


  1. Ezra is precious and we are rooting and praying for him daily!!! God bless you guys!

  2. Oh :( Thanks for the update praying for him constantly. God Bless your family!

  3. Stay strong, Mama!! Fight hard, Sweet Ezra!!
    Hugs and prayers!

  4. wowsers! what a tough cookie! And a strong mommy!!

  5. Excellent info. This helps us better understand what is going on. Thanks Beth. Dad.

  6. Our prayers are with Ezra and your family, and all the doctors and nurses who are looking after him.

  7. Beth, you'll be a nurse before this is all over with.....but you're already THE BEST MOM! God bless you all...we love you!

  8. I remember when Tim had to get that PICC. he was in ICU as well. He had an infection from the Pnuemonia behind his heart and the only way to treat it was the PICC.

    Its amazing why you learn when in ICU ... you can almost earn your nursing degree. LOL Seriously.

    I recognized it when you mentioned it and remembered the process too.

    Hope he is doing much better!

  9. Good to hear it was all the same infection. I hope it's all knocked on soon. I think about you all frequently.

    I don't know how the doctor knows the infection won't show up again, but I'm glad to hear him say it won't! Maybe he's just seen it so many times, he knows the pattern. A sign of a well seasoned knowledge doc, a good sign.

  10. hi beth, i've been out of the loop, tending to my new little one, and just now read about ezra. last i'd heard, it was all about the spider bites!

    big hugs to you and to strong little ezra. you and your family are in my thoughts.

  11. OMG!!! They do not put him to sleep for that??? POOR BABY!!!

    Praying for him constantly!!!