Thursday, August 13, 2009


036 copy 2

We went to clinic today to get labs drawn to see if Ezra’s counts are high enough to get chemo. They were he is at 761, not the greatest but up from 500 last week. So he will be able to receive chemo tomorrow and a higher dose than he got last time (since his counts are higher).

We also were finally able to see the pediatric surgeon. He looked at Ezra’s wound site, and said it looked great. It is basically scarred over now. Thank you Anthony, for taking such great care of that wound!

So, on the 25th Ezra will go to the hospital to get a new port put in! Hooray! Assuming his counts are above 500. He will also receive another round of intrathecal methotrexate via a spinal tap. It all just happened to work out, so it will be one less time he has to go under, he will be able to get both done at once.


  1. Good news..I hope his chemo treatment goes as smoothly as chemo can go..( sad but I know you get that I am saying)
    I am so glad he will be able to get his new port soon.

    Now am I crazy..Okay do not answer that..Let me say it this way..remind me are you leaving town tomorrow ..I could swear you said you were flying somewhere gone for a week.

    Hugs my friend..

  2. Oh I hope everything goes well... I pray for you daily little man. Stay strong! (HUGS)