Thursday, October 1, 2009



Today was not so much fun. I went in this morning (with both boys) to get labs done, even though I apparently didn’t need to, he would have gotten this chemo round regardless of his counts.

I comment to the nurse that I didn’t put the numbing cream on his port because he was shivering this morning. So she asked more about the shivering, I told her he woke up yesterday morning shivering as well. I attributed it to the sudden drop in temp. in FL the last 2 days. She went on to tell me that while Ezra is on steroids he can still get an infection and not run a fever. But exhibit other symptoms of a fever, chills, sweats, etc.

So we get his CBC and they draw blood cultures, they hook him up to a bag and wait for him to pee. They have to test for everything.

So while we are there they just decide to go ahead and order Ez’s chemo up, so there I am with both boys at the clinic, my shirt was on inside out, no make up, and I had forgotten a hair tie. And no coffee. I thought we would just be drawing blood, going home and Ezra and I coming back by ourselves in the afternoon for our scheduled appt. No such luck.

His counts come back great they were 1300, so he was not in need of blood, which was one of the things they were concerned about.

So Ezra got his Vin and Dox and some super duper antibiotic. We should hopefully know something more tomorrow.

One of the things he could possibly have is a urinary tract infection. From talking with them and based on some things he has done lately (like yesterday he grabbed his diapered crotch and said “hot”…which really confused me) I think this is what he has. Which would be treated with antibiotics. I am hoping that is all it is. They were not too concerned since they sent us home.

I will update tomorrow whenever they call me.


  1. I hope he is feeling better soon. Hugs

  2. Ugh, I am guessing that you got Rocephin at the docs, but Isa just had a UTI and they put her on Furadanitin or something. It was a tough one to keep down and to get her to take. It is for UTI and works well I guess, but wow! If i had to do it over again, I'd ask for a prepared syringe HA

    Update!! We're watching.

  3. Poor kiddo.I hope whatever it is it clears up quick.